We are proud to offer a propane tank heater that meets the needs of our cold-weather customers - and best of all, it can be installed right over our cover.

​The Powerblanket Lite PBL20 120V 120 Watts 1 Amp works with our 20, 30 and 40# tank covers. $ 99.00

PBL100 100lb 120V 280 Watts 2.33 Amps works with our 100# covers. $ 155.00

Poweblanket Light has free shipping on our eBay Store.

The Powerblanket Lite features a thermostatically controlled heating element that will safely allow your propane to flow in very cold temperatures. Protect down to -20°F/-29°C.

  • • Highly efficient and evenly-distributed heat
  • • Ability to meet CID2 hazardous location​requirements
  • • Wind and water resistant
  • • Ensure smooth operation
  • • Custom designed to fit your specific needs
  • • Certified to UL/CSA standards

Contact us to place your order directly with us. Your Powerblanket will be shipped separately if you order your propane tank cover on eBay. If you order directly from RV Tailors, your tank cover and your Powerblanket will be shipped together. Credit card and PayPal accepted.

20, 30 & 40# Cyl. Heater

Introducing our newest product offering....

And, best of all, you can use the Powerblanket Lite cylinder heaters with our covers!!!

The Powerblanket® Lite line is designed
for heating jobs on a smaller scale. These
models feature a lower power density than
Powerblanket® or Powerblanket® Xtreme
products. Rest assured that these heaters are
the real deal - they are more energy efficient
and safer than other heating elements on the
market. Keep your equipment and materials
warm in bitter climates so that you don’t lose
any production time.